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Delivery Method of Cards Room

What are the delivery options for shopping?

For small parcel orders, customers can choose Hongkong Post to deliver.

The package will be dispatched as normal mail, and the postage should be paid together with the checkout.

The delivery time depends on each region and actual situation, and there is no tracking in between.

After the package is dispatched, we will notify the customer by email of the delivery status, and also fill in the return address on the package to prevent loss.

Customers can choose SF Express as courier.

Delivery time will be quicker, and the shipping fee shall be paid by cash, which will be collected directly by the courier staff upon pickup.

After the package is shipped, we will provide the tracking number, let you keep tracking the updated status of the package, until it safely delivered to you.

How is the delivery cost calculated?

Hong Kong

  • Delivery time is 2 ~ 4 working days


  • Delivery time is 3 ~ 6 working days


  • Delivery time is 7 ~ 10 working days

The delivery fee will be charged when you pick up the package, directly by the courier company.
It is calculated according to the weight of the product and the countries, and will be charged by the courier upon receipt.

Hong Kong

HK$ 30
  • First 10 Decks
  • Every 5 Decks afterward HK$6
  • Delivery time is 1 ~ 2 working days


HK$ 39
  • First 10 Decks
  • Every 5 Decks afterward HK$7
  • Delivery time is 2 ~ 3 working days


NT$ 320
  • First 5 Decks
  • Every 5 Decks afterward NT$60
  • Delivery time is 2 ~ 4 working days

Customers can refer to the above charges, but the price list is for reference only, and the delivery fee are subject to the actual charges of SF Express.

How long will it take to receive the goods after payment?

For general order, we will ship the goods within 1 working day after the customer places the order.

If the order contains backorder products, we will wait for all the products to be shipped together, about 2-4 weeks.

The delivery and transportation time after delivery varies depending on the courier provider and destination, which can be found in the above table.

HKD Hong Kong dollar

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