Cards Room Membership

Presenting to you the "Cards Room Membership".

Different from the normal membership; Cards Room members participating in the program can earn cash points when shopping.

We will also provide various exclusive rewards and promotions from time to time that allow you to earn more.

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Point as Cash

Earn point while participate
In addition to earning corresponding points for each purchase of a specified amount, members can also earn points in different ways and use them for the next purchase.

Member System

Check the status of your order anytime
Members can log in to the website at any time to check past order status and point records; they can also update delivery addresses and payment methods.

Promo Notification

Keep in touch with the latest deals
We will regularly send email notifications to provide member exclusive offers and lucky draws; to ensure that you can receive our latest information anytime, anywhere.

Product Review

Write a Product Review
Members can write post-use reviews of the product after shopping, and collect more points while helping others.

How to earn

First Registration

Welcome offer
You will get 10 member points when you register for the first time, which can be used immediately when you make your first purchase.

Complete Purchase

Points rebate
Members can earn corresponding points every time they spend a designated amount, allowing you to make money while spending money.

Holiday Celebration

Time-limited event

Product Review

Evaluation reward
We reward your contribution by rewarding members who have purchased and written a review with points.

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HKD Hong Kong dollar

Cards Room Membership

送你 HK$10/NT$40 Cash Rebate

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