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梵高撲克牌 – 自畫像 (Van Gogh, Self-Portrait Edition)

The designer took the liberty to paint the people and places Van Gogh has experienced in his short lifetime. A proper tribute to the designer's favourite artist!



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Product Description:


  • High-grade imported paper, recreating the texture of a canvas
  • Exquisite craftsmanship, rich embossing, double-sided hot foil stamping inside and outside of the card box
  • Made in the USA.Printed byUnited States Playing Card CompanyThe Printing Press

When I paint a person, I have to paint his life.Vincent Van Gogh

Tuck Case
正面印有經典的梵高自畫像。 純白色背景襯托出筆觸和豐富的色彩,就如看著真跡作品一樣,與梵高四目交投。背面則是名作《星月夜》。

Back Design

Face Design
The designer took the liberty to paint the people and places Van Gogh has experienced in his short lifetime. A proper tribute to the designer's favourite artist!

Jack of Spades:An unknown art dealer who bought Van Gogh's portrait. It was a great encouragement for Van Gogh at that time.
Jack of Hearts:Armand Roulin, an acquaintance from the end of Van Gogh's life. He sent the final letter to Van Gogh's brother Theo.
Jack of Diamonds:Eugene Bosch, brother of Anna Bosch, the buyer of the "Vineyard" painting, also an artist.
Jack of Clubs:Postman Roulin, a friend of Van Gogh, looks rough on the outside but is kind and delicate inside.
Queen of Spades:Mrs. Tanguy, the wife of Mr. Tanguy, a gentlewoman who treated Van Gogh very kindly.
Queen of Hearts: La Mousmé, a French-Japanese geisha imagined by Van Gogh, depicting his ideal of femineity.
Queen of Diamonds:Mrs. Ginoux, the owner of the café depicted in Van Gogh's painting "The Night Café".
Queen of Clubs:An anonymous young woman, a woman from the middle class, who was introduced by a painting dealer and commissioned Van Gogh for her portrait
King of spade:Mr. Ginoux, a kind old man who loved art and was willing to sell painting materials to Van Gogh with a discount.
King of Hearts:Felix Rey, a doctor who helped Van Gogh treat his wounds after cutting his ears.
King of Diamonds:Madame Trabuc, Van Gogh's model at the Saint Paul's Hospital, with gentle suffering in her elegant face
King of Clubs:Milliet, Van Gogh's friend - military officer, who was very happy to model for Van Gogh
Joker︰The two Jokers are both self-portraits of Van Gogh, one from the front, and one looking over his shoulder. The colours of these cards are striking as if to depict the passion of the artist.

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 9.4 × 6.35 × 2 cm

Jiken & Jathan


U.S. Playing Card Company

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梵高撲克牌 – 自畫像 (Van Gogh, Self-Portrait Edition)



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