Royales Players Playing Cards, Noir Marked Edition

The Royales Noir Players Edition is a beautiful deck with a dark secret...


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Product Description:

Tactfully camouflaged among the tiled casino-back design of the Royales Players Noir lies a hidden marking system. Elegantly crafted using a balance of a low cognitive load with high visual cognition, once you learn the secrets to reading the cards and after minimal practice, you'll have the ability to know the value and suit of every card at a glance.

Both in the hands vertically and on the table horizontally.

A dual marking system, 2 locations, both based on the timeless and familiar clock-face layout. This system has been designed and thoroughly tested to be the simplest and quickest to visually register on this style of back design, making it a great tool for magic and sleight of hand demonstrations with endless applications.

Marked decks can be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands so I trust you'll use it wisely. Learn the secrets and I hope you enjoy the marking system to delight, deceive and mystify some minds.

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 9.4 × 6.35 × 2 cm
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