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Sembras Playing Cards, Standard Edition




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Product Description:

自 1803 年生產第一桶烈酒以來,Immaginas 家族坐落在墨西哥的中心深處,手工釀造了一些世界上最搶手的烈酒。他們的混合酒令人難以抗拒。 傳說他們的祖先是神秘長生不老藥的魔術師,幾個世紀以來,這一直是被嚴密保護的秘密成分。

在釀酒廠的中心矗立著 Immaginas 的家族圖騰 – 一個標誌,表明在哪裡隱藏,在哪裡可以找到 Remedios 的秘密書。 這本書包含了每批手工製作的傳奇龍舌蘭酒中註入的神奇長生不老藥的配方。

由 Abraham Lule 設計,在墨西哥出生和長大 – Sounds 將傳統圖案與釀酒廠周圍的魔法氛圍相結合。 每副牌都精心包裝在一個優質的有紋理的紙盒中,裝飾有最好的金箔裝飾,並裝飾有 Immaginas 工廠印章。

Unrivaled Print Quality
Made in USA
theory11 produces the world's finest playing cards. The cards themselves are made in the USA - printed on FSC-certified paper derived from sustainable forests, vegetable-based inks, and starch-based laminates.

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 9.4 × 6.35 × 2 cm

Abraham Lule


U.S. Playing Card Company

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The carton is made of cardboard, which can effectively protect your playing cards, and can be used as a storage box for playing cards in the future.

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Sembras Playing Cards, Standard Edition



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