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Ethereal Dreams Tarot Deck, Limited Edition

Ethereal Dreams is a beautifully illustrated Tarot deck featuring gold foil stamped and embossed lettering on the Death themed tuck box. This deck Includes all 78 cards of Major and Minor Arcana for intuitive and inspired divination.



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Product Description:

Featuring masterpiece artwork by Digital Desires. All of the artwork for these exquisite cards was created by an artist named Digital Desires. To create these tarot decks she describes visiting an intuitive realm of visionary consciousness. The images that she summoned are lush with emotion, mood, meaning, and symbolism.

These cards come packed with lush symbolism, so you don't need a book to practice meaningful and personal readings. The stunning imagery opens a vibrant world of insight for tarot readers at any level of confidence and experience. They don't require you to study or memorize complicated books, but they do require an open heart and a willing imagination.

Stunning Feminine Archetypes: All the cards including Kings, Jacks, and even the Emperor are visualized as feminine characters. While many of the images portray traits often associated with masculine characters, these traits are proudly expressed by an all-feminine cast. The symbolic archetypes of these cards honor the vast feminine domain of consciousness and imagination.

Traditional Poker Suits: To highlight the hidden poker deck that's woven into the structure of the tarot, we applied poker suits to the tarot cards. Instead of wands, cups, swords, and pentacles, these unique tarot cards feature spades, diamonds, hearts, and clubs. Seeing these striking poker symbols as the suits of the Minor Arcana opens doors to experience tarot in new and unexpected ways. It gives the Minor Arcana, and the entire tarot deck, a refreshed symbolic framework for today's dynamically changing world. And for the boldly imaginative, this opens up a world of new and creative gameplay options.

Card backs feature a mirrored design with artwork from the Moon card. A subtle drop shadow gives the impression of real depth.

The sturdy tuck box features stunning art from the Death card art on the front with Autumn on the back. A high-quality smooth paper finish was chosen for its great hand feel and lasting durability.

  • Printed on durable high-quality 350gsm stock
  • Smooth finish paper stock with gloss varnish for vibrant colors and sharp details
  • State-of-the-art full color offset CMYK printed tuck case
  • Full-color interior tuck box printing
  • Embossed, foil stamped, and laminated tuck box
  • Four Seasons Special Designation Tarot Cards: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn are included and distributed across the suits of the Minor Arcana. The four seasons have universal symbolic value representing the cycles of life. The presence of these special designation cards is included to inspire creative and vibrant card readings.

Zodiac Special Designation Tarot Cards: All twelve symbols of the zodiac are distributed across both the Major and Minor Arcana of the tarot decks. The presence of these special designation cards is included to inspire creative and vibrant card readings.

2 Bonus Cards: These beautiful tarot decks include two bonus illustrations as extra Major Arcana cards (Raptor and Peace).

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 4 cm
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Ethereal Dreams Tarot Deck, Limited Edition



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